What are the different schools of Capoeira?

What are the different schools of Capoeira?


There are often said to be 3 or 4 main schools of Capoeira:

Capoeira Regional – This form was created by Mestre Bima during the 20s. It is the school that we practice at CDOB. It was created to help Bimba bring back and strengthen the martial arts principles which are beneficial in fighting, which he felt were not being utilized.
Capoeira Angola is a type of Capoeira that Mestre Pastinha and his students have made famous, is the most traditional Capoeira. It is focused on the art of stealth, and was praised by Pastinha. This is the reason why a lot of Angola Capoeira is played close to the ground.
Capoeira Contemporanea is a style that combines Capoeira with other styles. It was first developed in the 1970s as Capoeira was becoming more popular outside of Brazil. Although it’s more acrobatic, and can include different martial arts, some people consider it less authentic.
JUST Capoeira In the years since these lineages and traditions were created, there has been an outrage from the older generation in Brazil. They are working to reconnect with the ancient Capoeira philosophy and rediscovering the roots of it. Instead of thinking about different schools, JUST Capoeira was Capoeira.
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