The refillable ink tanks

The refillable ink tanks


The refillable ink tanks, neatly placed at the front right of the printer, aren’t just a decorative addition: Epson says that by using tanks instead of notoriously expensive cartridges, users can save up to 90 per cent on ink costs, and the tanks can hold the equivalent of 72 cartridges’ worth of ink. Filling them up is easy and enjoyable. The resealable, drip-free ink bottles that come with the printer have heads that will only fit with the right colour tank. This means that you won’t be eating yellow throughout the duration of the printer’s lifespan.

By flipping the bottle upside down, it connects easily to the tank, and shuts off automatically when the tank is filled, with no need to squeeze. The transparent front of each tank is a vital indicator of when the ink is running low and also provides an extra splash of colour to the sleek, black colour way of the printer. Once the ink is on the table, you can create up to 4,500 pages in mono, and 7,500 pages of colour.
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