The inkjets in the first category

The inkjets in the first category


The inkjets in the first category often include limited photo-oriented features, such as the ability to print directly from memory cards and PictBridge-enabled cameras. Inkjets in the more expensive category are photo-centric to the point where you can effectively use the single-purpose printers as simple photo kiosks and the all-in-ones as standalone labs. They typically include larger LCDs to show previews of images, and typically have touch screens for giving commands. MFPs that are priced in this range may add the ability to scan 35mm film, and print high-quality images directly from slides, negatives prints, memory cards, and cameras. Less common features include the capability to directly print labels on ready-surfaced optical discs.

The photo-centric, near-dedicated printers are the best of the range. These machines can only print graphics and text however, they are built to create high-quality images. Professional models and models are capable of producing prints that look gallery-quality however those with higher prices can’t. The models are equipped with four tanks for ink, but we’ve seen them with up to 12. Each tank has an individual shade or shade of ink.
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Factors We Evaluated

Factors We Evaluated 1. Ease of Use This was my most important requirement. I wanted a label-maker that I could remove from