Room for Improvement

Room for Improvement


As the vacuum picks up hair and dirt, some of this debris can get stuck in the base and along the brush roll. It’s not unusual to spot hairballs scattered across the floor after I do the deep cleaning. The best way to avoid this is to pull out any residue midway through the cleaning, though I’d prefer not to face this issue to begin with.

Another flaw: The CrossWave combats the fringe of rug area rugs, much as the robot vacuum. The result is that the machine to become stuck, and then pulls out the fabric. If a rug in an area isn’t securely secured to the floor, the vacuum will take the corners. To avoid congestion, I’ve learned to start at the center of the rug, and work my way to the corners.
bissell crosswave

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Factors We Evaluated

Factors We Evaluated 1. Ease of Use This was my most important requirement. I wanted a label-maker that I could remove from