Regional Capoeira

Regional Capoeira


Around the XVIII century, the portuguese settlements were more urbanized and they established laws against the practice of Capoeira with physical punishements in Rio de Janeiro, Salvador de Bahia and Pernambuco. Princess Isabel signed a law that eliminated slavery in the XIX century. While it allowed slaves to remain free, because of their status as ex-slaves, they were excluded from the possibility of a decent life. Capoeira was associated with marginalized and conflictive people and was a crime until the last few decades. Because of their conflicts with the police, some individuals gained fame and fame. Songs and stories were created in honor of their lives and were first published in books that were small, referred to as ‘Literatura de cordel’. Some of those legends related to Capoeira included Besouro Manganga Inocencio Sete Mortes Maria Doze Homem, Angelica Endiabrada, Siri de Mangue… Although it had a bad reputation it was performed in ‘Rodas’ on the streets, and famous capoeiristas would fight one another. Sometimes , it was a chance to earn a few dollars because certain people would give money and the best capoeirista received the money.
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