One of our favorite features of label makers

One of our favorite features of label makers


One of our favorite features is the quality of the print preview, there is no mistaking what you are about to print. It is clear and very well-lit. Additionally, it has an excellent homepage you can navigate to where there is plenty of templates available (that you would actually choose to use!). This Brother PT-D600 ended up having one of the best scores on our user-friendliness since it was extremely easy to navigate through.

Another unique feature of the label maker was the automated cutting. To get a label from all of the other label makers, you had to push down a button in order to cut the label manually. What kind of person wants to work that hard? It’s not a big deal, but it is nonetheless cool and deserves the spotlight.
dymo label maker

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Factors We Evaluated

Factors We Evaluated 1. Ease of Use This was my most important requirement. I wanted a label-maker that I could remove from