I took this vacuum to my parents’ house

I took this vacuum to my parents’ house


I took this vacuum to my parents’ house — the home of three dogs — to give it the ultimate test.
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In my life there have been six dogs in their home (seven when you include my sister’s dog, which is a frequent visitor and heavy shedder), and all dogs loved to lay on furniture and track in lots of dirt. We thought the central vacuum was a good model. However, when we relocated the Bissell up to the second floor which has carpeted floors We were amazed by the amount of fur and dirt it picked up. (Before you think we’re just dirty people who never vacuum My dad cleans every room every week at least.) The canister contained fur from Fiona the dog, our Westie and Ellie the Pekingese who both passed away in the year 2019. Each room was filled with the canister. It was easy to empty the container and clean up. It also comes with a Febreze filter insert that left behind a pleasant, fresh-smelling fragrance for almost two days.

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