Capoeira’s History

Capoeira’s History


Capoeira’s background is extremely intriguing and holds great significance for the Afro-Brazilian population. During the period in Brazil, enslaved individuals, primarily people who descended from Bantu ethnic groups, proposed rebellions to escape from plantations. Enslaved people needed to learn to battle, to be able to safeguard themselves, escape, and live. They also, however, had to be very discreet about their fighting so that plantation owners would not discover and suppress their own rebellions. That is the reason the celestial lines of capoeira as a dance and a battle is so important. At first glanceyou likely would not be able to tell what has been happening. Are they likely to finally hit each other? Or are they just walking around the thought? This blur between a struggle and a dancing is that which made the art so powerful and strong during Portuguese colonial rule.

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