Capoeira History

Capoeira History


During that the 16th century, the Portuguese bought, sold, traded, and hauled African peoples. Brazil, with its vast land, received almost 40% of these African people through the Atlantic slave trade. The history of capoeira is listed by historians like Dr. Desch-Obi. Originally, the ancestor tradition originated from Kingdom of Kongo and has been called N’golo/Engolo (called Angola now ); a type of ritual dance that used many components of kicking, headbutting, slap boxing, walking on one’s hands, hands, evasion etc.. The goal was religious as it both provided a URL into the afterlife (that was the reverse of the living world) and enabled a individual to channel their own ancestors into their dance. For instance, throughout the dancing, a person could become owned by an ancestor in the past who had been talented at N’golo. This may be applied to a martial setting in both combat and warfare which was known as N’singa/ensinga; the difference to N’golo being it comprised weapon use and grappling. Throughout the Atlantic slave trade, this convention moved across the Americas; Brazil (capoeira), the Caribbean (Damnye) and the USA (knocking and kicking). Capoeira school in nyc

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